Code of Conduct

IndySwingDance's events are organized with a goal of inclusion and safety. This event is for everyone regardless of gender/gender identity, race, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, religion, or other typical categories of discrimination. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. If you harass someone, you may be asked to leave.

In keeping with above, avoid using language or jokes that make others feel uncomfortable. We're all for humor and freedom of expression, but know your limits and your audience. Be ready to apologize if you make others feel uncomfortable.

Regardless of the severity, please feel free to bring any harassment-related concerns to any staff member. We will treat these issues with confidentiality. It is important for these situations to be reported to prevent future incidents from happening. If you are not sure whether an incident constitutes harassment, be sure to ask. If we don't know, we'll find out. See below to see how these issues are handled.

Policies and Procedures

What you can expect if you bring an issue to the staff:

An initial conversation with the staff member away from other staff/patrons.
Confidentiality (unless we are sure that someone is in immediate/direct danger).

If the incident involves a violation of IndySwingDance's Code of Conduct, the accused will be handled/not handled in one of the following ways: watched but not approached, spoken to about their behavior, kicked out, banned, or reported to the police. We aim to use reasonable discretion to prevent future incidents.
If desired, the complainant will be directed to local resources and organizations.

Should the accused be banned, they have the option to show reasonable rehabilitation effort to reverse this ban. This effort can involve a written apology, restricted access to events, visits to counseling/therapy sessions, taking a course in harassment, and/or community service.

Our Limitations and Responsibilities

We cannot supervise every person, nor is it in any of our best wishes to do so. Our aim is to provide a safe event for our guest to have fun. We may miss some situations or intervene in others that may not yet reach a dangerous point. Please help us in reporting any situations that you believe to be dangerous and/or helping self-police yourself to avoid committing any situations yourself.