On Levels

The competitions at this event will be split between an Amateur competition and an Advanced competition. The Advanced competitions will be open to all who choose to sign up, but the Amateur competition will only be open to those who have not final-ed in more than 2 regional/national competitions (meaning different events) of any level, in the role they are competing as. While it is ultimately up to the event organizers’ discretion, an example of regional/national competitions would be: Lindyfest, Midwest Lindyfest, Camp Hollywood, Lindy Bout, ILHC, Inspiration Weekend, Lindy on the Rocks. If you have any questions about your placement, do contact the event organizer. While you may only enter in one Luck of the Draw competition (for each role), you may enter in both Strictly competitions (though you will only final in one).

Luck of the Draw

In Luck of the Draw preliminary rounds, dancers dance to several songs and are randomly paired with a different partner each time. Dancers are judged as an individual dancer in the preliminary rounds. You may enter as both roles in your chosen division or in different divisions.

In the final round, finalists are randomly paired with a partner and judged as a couple.


Advanced Mix & Match 1st Place: Midwest Lindy Fest 2020 + Cash Prize

Amateur Mix & Match 1st Place: Seattle Lindy Extravaganza 2019 + Cash Prize

Strictly Format

In the Strictly Format, competitors will enter with their own partner. Couples will dance to several songs in the preliminary rounds, before finalists are chosen. In finals, the Amateur competition will be a normal spotlight-jam format, where each finalist will receive a set amount of time in the “spotlight“ before an all-skate. For the Advanced competition, it will be 1v1 battle format, where competitors are matched up against each other to see which couple can throw down the hardest.


Advanced Strictly 1st Place: (Number of Finalists) x $35 + more

Amateur Strictly 1st Place: Big Sky Weekend 2019 + Cash Prize

In the Short Showcase Format, competitors will enter with their own original choreography for music that is cut to be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Entrants can have as many people in their showcase, but the prize remains a fix amount. Showcase music must be sent in to nicholas.ac.tran@gmail.com for the showcase by May 29th. If not enough entrants, this competition will be skipped and entrants will be refunded.


1st Place - $100

Short Showcase