Jose Tello

"Jose began listening to and collecting Jazz when he was still in high school and the obsession has only grown in the past decade. He values the connection between Swing music and the influence it has on dancers, and tries to play the floor every time he's behind the booth. Also, he's a sucker for harpsichord, late Ella, sax solos, and that Basie piano intro on the Newport version of One O'Clock Jump. Yeah, you know the one."


Jean-Michel Oblette

Jean-Michel Oblette grew up in France listening to jazz and not knowing he could dance to it. He’s been making up for lost time since 2014 on a never-ending quest for that je ne sais quoi that makes dancers want to tap their feet and get silly.

When he’s not DJing in his home scene of Vancouver, British Columbia, “Monsieur O” can be found teaching tiny humans how to become better versions of themselves.

Jean-Michel loves discovering swing tunes from communities around the world and would be delighted if you can share yours!


Vicky Chan

Vicky is a multi-talented dancer, DJ, photographer, instructor, and co-owner of Lindy Groove. She started her DJ career back in 2007, with the help of many great DJs like Jesse Minor and Manu Smith, which means she has cultivated a diverse collection swing music catering to many tastes.Her favorite artists range from Jonathan Stout to Una Mae Carlisle.