Level Testing

Level Testing can be a stressful event, so we aim to provide an experience that can be satisfying to the testers. Saturday morning, a special class will be offered for those hoping to level test into Level 3. During this 1-hour class, our instructors will assume everyone is suited for the material and will be watching how students approach the subject matter. They will place you in the appropriate level based on how you learn in that class. An alternative class will be available for those who will not be level testing. The following is a quick litmus test for the placing of the levels.


Level 1

This is a track for beginners and early-intermediate dancers. You may not be the completely comfortable with your swingouts, lindy circles, and basic Charleston. You will get focused attention from one set of instructors for the entire weekend. You will polish your fundamentals and learn some new vocabulary to help you feel more comfortable dancing Lindy Hop socially.


Level 2

You’ve probably been dancing Lindy Hop for a couple years, travelling to dance events, taking workshops regularly and maybe even competing. You are comfortable dancing Lindy Hop socially, but are eager to improve: not just by learning new “advanced“ tricks, but by refining your fundamentals. Here, you will learn new vocabulary, refine your basics, become more musical and improve your lead and follow connection.


Level 3

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for a long while now. You travel to several dance events each year. You’re committed to improving your dancing and are looking forward to taking your quality of movement, musicality, and lead/follow connection to the next level. You’ve done okay in some competitions and may even teach in your scene.